vipeel FAQS

How long does it take?

Approximately 10 minutes

Is it painful?

Non-painful application of VIPeel

What's the most common complaint?

Although complaints with VIPeel are uncommon, from time to time there will be some itching the first night (usually relieved by benadryl).

How long does it last?

Results are semi-permanent 

When can i go back to normal activities? 

After about 48hrs you can resume normal activities

Can I fly after the procedure?

Yes, but keep in mind that flying makes you dehydrated so try to avoid salty foods and drink tons of water. 

What can I do to keep the results looking great?

I recommend a topical vitamin C based serum from skinceuticals for adequate hydration ($135), consider a micro-needle home device to help stimulate more collagen ($80), and Triluma Topical Cream ($140).