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Alexander L. Blinski M.D. 

Dr. Blinski is from Miami, FL and has been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2011. He enjoys sporting events, outdoor activities, and everything New York has to offer. 

Training:  4 years undergrad, 4 years medical school, 4 years residency (surgical/primary care), 2 years hands on plastic surgery with his father (Darryl J. Blinski M.D.)

Dual Licensure  NY and FL

Founder/Medical Director: Plump Cosmetics & Injectables, Symmetry Medicine


Ryan Neinstein M.D. 

I have a passion for effective surgery. It is impossible to be a master of every type of operation, so surgical mastery is about familiarity and judgment within specialized procedures. 

Training:4 years undergrad, 4 years medical school, 6 years residency (Plastic Surgery)

Dual Licensure Canada and NY

Founder Neinstein Plastic Surgery / Medical Director Plump Cosmetics & Injectables

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Samantha Fasono RN-C

Samantha is one of our favorite Plump Beauty Injectors! She has a great eye and will make you feel at ease during your visit. She specializes in Botox, Lip fillers, Cheek fillers, and Laugh lines. 


Pamela Leggitt PA-C

Pamela was traditionally trained as a physicians assistant and worked as an interventional radiology PA where she preformed life-saving procedures with her partners. She has since migrated over to Plump where she puts her needle skills to work. She loves subtle enhancement of the face to reverse the signs of aging. 


Kelsey Tinsdale NP-C

Kelsey trained as a nurse practitioner and did a fellowship in dermatologic medicine followed by an aeshtetic medicine fellowship. She specializes in skin-care and minimally invasive injectables


Rebecca Schori MS-NP-C

Rebecca is one of the best at Plump! She has been with us from the beginning and loves making you pretty. She specializes in Botox, Lip fillers, Cheek fillers, and Laugh lines


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Emmy Cassagnol PA-C

Emmy previously worked in the emergency department of lenox hill. She has since become an amazing injector and an artist behind the syringe. She specializes in facial injectables as well as skin-care routines.