Alexander L. Blinski M.D.

Dr. Alex Blinski, known to many as “Dr. B,” is Plump’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer. Alex has been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2011; previously, he trained in plastic surgery with his father (Darryl J. Blinski M.D.) and surgical/primary care through his residency. 

Alex educates and oversees the entire Plump team, helping each of them strengthen their injecting skills while learning how to master new cutting-edge techniques and tools. 



Pamela Liggett PA-C

Pamela was traditionally trained as a physician’s assistant in the interventional radiology department, aiding her partners in life-saving procedures. Since joining team Plump, Pam has been able to put her meticulous needle skills to work on a different cause -- you! 

Pam loves that she holds the power to reverse the signs of aging while making her clients look and feel their best.




Rebecca Schori NP-C

Rebecca “Becky” was one of the first to join Dr. B at Plump and she’s been making our clients smile since day one. 

Trained as a nurse practitioner, Becky found her way to cosmetics after she started seeing the impact the treatments had on her skin. She loved how she felt and wanted to share the joy with others. Becky specializes in Botox, lip fillers, cheek fillers and laugh lines. 



Kelsey Tidland NP-C

Kelsey completed fellowships in both dermatologic and aesthetic medicine during her training as a nurse practitioner. 

She considers herself to be a skin care aficionado, working with clients to understand the best treatments and products to make their skin glow. At Plump, she specializes in microneedling, peels and minimally invasive injectables.



Emmy Cassagnol PA-C

Emmy started her career saving lives as a physician’s assistant in the emergency department at Lenox Hill Hospital. 

Since joining Plump, she’s mastered the art of injections and has become a master behind the syringe. Emmy specializes in facial injectables as well as skin care routines.





Samantha Fasano RN-C

Samantha, also known as “The Botox Babe” received her certification from the Esthetic Skin Institute followed by a Fellowship with Dr. Blinski. 

As her nickname suggests, Sam is a Botox expert who takes pride in helping clients feel refreshed and youthful. She’s recently trained in our new HydraFacial treatment as well as other cosmetic refining procedures such as peels and microneedling. 



Carleigh Jade

Cosmetic expert by day, rock star by night!

Carleigh makes our office fun and functional - keeping the machine running at Plump.

In the evenings, Carleigh heads the band Carleigh Jade Music





Florinda Kajtazi

Florinda aka "Flo" is no stranger to beauty and cosmetics, she grew up participating in pageants, most recently as a finalist in the “Miss New York” contest.

Flo will help guide you through Plump’s procedures and products and may toss in a makeup tip to round it out. When she's not Plumping, Flo is studying to become a PA, partly inspired by the work she saw Dr. B and the medical professionals performing.